A smart living technology supporting smart homes, smart offices, smart shops, smart towns or any other environment of proprietary nature by utilising an integration of humans, sensors, activators and software bots in arbitrary complexity workflows.

As the world is becoming more connected, with ever more bandwidth, including wired and wireless devices, it became possible to harnes the power of that connectivity by flexible integration of various networking entities, or counterparties.

Our solution comes with a graphical editor of workflows, or processes where actors can be atomic or composite (groups). Atomic actors are individual humans, sensors (temeprature, humidity, presence, ...), activators (lighting, curtains, temperature control, lift, ...), bots (software modules), while composite actors are any combination of atomic actors and other composite actors, in the most complex case other workflows.

QS Grid offers to users technology that allows them to define the behaviour of their smart environments by drawing schemas of processes that can take into account various contextual valiables:

  • Users' location and movement in gross terms (GPS), and localised terms (once they are within the bounds of the smart environment.
  • Calendar and time of day telated variables.
  • Environmental properties.
  • Work related properties.
  • Proprietary, or user defined variables.