Advertising using QS Media

What is Q-Sphere Media?

Q-Sphere Media is digital advertising that delivers high volume and tailored responses combined with in-depth analysis and demographics. It manages tracking and customer behaviour data at a granular level. New, this provides advertisers with proactive, controlled digital outbound campaigns delivering closed-loop marketing. It empowers advertisers to accurately place messages on third party emails, social media, websites and any other digital documents, for example receipts, invoices and forms.

How does it work?

Q-Sphere Media is patented technology which identifies and tracks ‘key words’ and a wide range of demographic options to deliver accurate targeting and message selection. It gives campaign designers creative flexibility and the ability to measure, giving them cost-effective volume.

The whole process is comprehensively managed by Q-Sphere and is offered as a turn-key or white label service. The system is confidential, secure and at all times complies with data legislation.

Importantly, the adverts are delivered as part of the digital media - they are not spam, so are not ignored and do not pass to junk mail folders.

What makes it different and better?

The exponential growth of ‘wholly on-line’ operations continues apace. Every sector is now investing here; retail, media, financial services, utilities, insurance and, even, government. As we conduct more and and more business on-line, then advertising and marketing has followed there too.

Most new digital marketing developments have focused on two areas: social media (its requirement for interaction - going ‘viral’ requires retweeting, liking and other proactive approvals) and Inbound Marketing (which again requires the creation of interesting content and visitors coming to the site).

Why is this specifically relevant today?

This is a new channel; a different way of reaching accurately targeted audiences. It is flexible, measurable and cost-effective. Most of all, it is controllable - the messaging the advertiser wants is the one that is delivered. And there are detailed analytics available so closed-loop campaigns are possible.

Why is this interesting to advertisers? Value is added to existing communications and there are high levels of open and click-through rates due to the nature of the trusted constituencies and relationships. There is a large and ever expanding inventory of digital documents to associate.

From a business perspective, campaigns are charged on a CPM / CPC basis which gives advertisers a measured investment against tailored demographics.

What opportunities does it open up for brands?

We have identified four immediate opportunities available:

  • Low cost. Q-Sphere Media manages and controls the associated costs. The account can be accessed at any time to see performance and cost. You have total budget and target control
  • Accurate targeting. The accuracy of bespoke demographic selection with high volume responses across the digital media spectrum. Better targeting mean greater value for your marketing budget
  • Message flexibility. The message you choose is the message that is delivered. There is no distortion through social media / PR
  • Detailed analytics. Information is provided at a customer-level so closed-loop campaigns can be run

Who is Q-Sphere Media? What is the business model?

Q-Sphere Media were founded in 2012 by experienced, senior entrepreneurs from the compliance, advertising and technology sectors. Together, they have developed patented codes and algorithms which drive the application. Q-Sphere Media is privately funded.

The company is on course to manage 125m transactions per month by the end of 2015. Momentum Media has business partnerships with several major companies, including IBM, in place.

How will Q-Sphere Media work for you?

Q-Sphere Media gives advertisers total control. Their budget may now launch a well targeted, proactive campaign and review responses, customer by customer, at a truly granular level. Controlling campaign management has never offered so much.